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Are you fed up of never sticking to anything, constantly feeling tired & lacking body confidence?

I can help you feel better in yourself physically & mentally in a way thats realistic and sustainable long term... 

Laura - Team Lift Coach

Pre & Post Natal Trained

Lucy - Head Coach & Founder

Fat loss for busy career driven women!

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Katie  - Team Lift Coach

Fat loss over 40!

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Hey, I'm  Lucy...


 I am delighted you are considering choosing Team Lift to uplift your life and reach your goals.


I suspect if you are reading this you are contemplating making a change by looking to invest in your health, you may be fed up with the failed attempts to get in shape, lack progress from your efforts or maybe you lack confidence that what you are doing it right and you are ready to take your health and fitness journey to a whole new level?

Here at TEAM LIFT - we want to help you achieve your health and fitness goals with confidence. We aim to set you up with an achievable, well balanced and enjoyable plan, that will leave you feeling uplifted in all areas of your life.

Our passion is to educate you and support you to transform your life long term, so if you are looking for a short term quick fix you are in the wrong place, as we will show you a way to get your goal that is realistic and sustainable.

We want women to see you don’t have to live a life of dry chicken and salad and you can lose fat whilst continuing to socialise. You don't have to look in the mirror and hate what you see, or feel overwhelmed that yet another diet has failed and you are starting again. You can lift weights, without being bulky, and the the gym isn't as intimidating as it might seem.

Our aim is to humanise the fitness industry and we'd love to take you on that journey.

Want to know more about us?
Click here! 

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Business Owner Pippa: Lost fat, built muscle & moved away from the restrictive mindset 

Post Partum Sarah, lost 22kg in 9 months whilst fitting it in around family

Career Driven Laura down 10kg & more active around her desk job 

New mum Lucie, 16kg down in 1 year by adopting habits she can keep for life 

'Being apart of Lift and having a coach in the last 10 months has been the best! Such a game changer and more beneficial than I could have hoped for'


I had reached a point where I found myself needing extra guidance and support to help reach my goals. I didn't realise how much I needed that support and expert knowledge that Lucy gives until I got it! With Lucys help I have had great success losing fat, I am the strongest, fittest and most confidant I have ever been in my life. I know longer turn to food in times of comfort or boredom. The list of things that Lucy has helped me overcome is endless. 

Lucy makes the plan enjoyable, realistic, achievable and sustainable. Its a lifestyle not a quick fix and when you truly understand and believe that truth you start to create a healthy balanced lifestyle that you love to live' 

Signing up with LIFT has been the best decision I've made for my health and mind! I needed the help getting into a routine again, learning about nutrition and just a little kick up the bum. Lucy is your biggest cheerleader and you can tell she puts in so much effort with all her clients & made everything so easy to follow

How Does it Work?

All the ladies you see above, have been through our unique LIFT Coaching Process designed to get you feeling better in yourself, but most importantly be able to sustain it long term...


Here are our 4 simple steps we will take you through too..

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Initial Consultation

Whats included?

We believe if you are ever going to truly stick to something long term it needs to be realistic to your lifestyle which is why every client goes through a detailed onboarding process from consultation form to video call, which will allow us to get to know you as a person & ensure we set you up for success from our first conversation. This is what makes us different, everything is personal to you & we care about getting to know you as a person from the start! 

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Personalised training

Most people struggle with motivation to exercise, because they lack structure and routine, they try and follow plans that are unrealistic to their lifestyle & current fitness levels. We meet you where you are! We will provide you with a plan (whether that be from home or the gym), that suits your ability, preferences & goals. These will guarantee an increase in strength and fitness levels without you having to think of a single exercise and will be set up and laid out for you in the Trainerize app to keep you consistent and give you something easy to follow & tick off. 

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If you someone who finds yourself head first in the snack cupboard or getting carried away on on the weekends, we can support you with our personal & realistic calorie & macro targets that still allow you to enjoy life & see results at the same time! We will also educate you around your portion sizes, quality foods & how best to use your calories to ensure you feel full & satisfied. 

Personalised Nutrition plan

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What most people are lacking when it comes to their fitness journeys is accountability, this is why we will ask you to check in on a weekly or bi weekly basis with your coach. This is to have someone in your corner and help you with struggles that often lead to giving up if you were doing this alone. 

We will provide personal feedback via voice note, celebrate progress, make adjustments where needed & to answer any questions you may have in more detail.

Regular online
check in

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We know it can be tough when the people around you don't understand your journey, most of the time our partners can eat what they like without putting on any weight, which is why we have an incredible community online community of likeminded women, supporting, inspiring and motivating each other along the way! 


support group

Plus extras....

A Revised Bi Monthly Program- We know people can often get bored easily so keep you focused and things exciting, We will have an end of cycle consultation and you will receive a new program every 8 weeks, realigned with your goals and in accordance with your progress. We will take into consideration any injuries, holidays or events.


Welcome Pack/Guidebook – Setting you up for success from the start, your Guidebook contains everything that you will need to know to get started.


Weekly Live workouts plus a 'follow along' Workout bank - Not fancying weights, can't get to the gym or maybe you like to follow along. We can give you options with our TEAM LIFT weekly workouts & workout bank. 


Regular Online Workshops - Held by myself, my coaches or external professionals on all things Positivity, Mindset and Lifestyle to enable you to educate you to keep up your habits long term.

1-1Review Calls* - To keep you accountable and on track you will have the opportunity to chat face to face every 4 weeks to touch base, set some goals and keep you motivated for the month ahead


Monthly Recipe Book and Eating Out Guides* – To keep you nutrition delicious and interesting, I will provide you with a membership bank of recipes books full of ideas for breakfast, lunch & dinner!  I will also help with eating out providing various eating out guides to help you navigate those social events. 

Full Communication* - Think of me as your personal trainer in your pocket, I’m there to answer all of your questions quickly and effectively, via a messenger 7 days a week.


Form Checks*– I’ll guide your form to ensure that exercises are being performed safely and correctly, analysing all your videos sent to me via WhatsApp.

*Services marked with a * are part of premium package only

Want to hear more?

We have a whole podcast episode on what you can expect from coaching here, PLUS tons of episodes with clients themselves!

Area's of Specialism 

Female Coaching - Realistic Fat Loss  – Calorie Counting - Weight Training - Mindset

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Mum of 2 Natalie, dieting her whole life & finally breaking that cycle in a realistic way

Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 11.33.23.png
Screenshot 2023-11-29 at 11.34.22.png

Self Employed Lucy struggled with emotional eating & her weekends wanted accountability & to learn more about weight training 

Nikki was struggling with peri menopause & needed to find a way to fit everything in around a busy family life 

What are my options?

Depending on your goals, level of support needed, commitment and budget, I have two coaching options available LIFT Premium & Lift Standard. You can see the main differences below:

*p/m = per month

Pricing January 2024.jpg

What is the next step?

If you like what you read, then you can go ahead and get yourself a spot reserved for just £20 today & i'll be touch with next steps!

(this will come off your first months coaching fee & is a non-refundable holding deposit)

Or if you'd like to chat more or ask questions you can contact me (lucy) directly on whats app by clicking here or by filling in the application form below (we want to make sure you are the right fit for TEAM LIFT & we are the best coaches for you. 

Please note each coach only takes on a small number of 1-1 clients to keep my service high quality and personal.

Apply Here

Do you have a preference on coach?

*Lucy's coaching is at a slightly higher monthly payment.

Do you have a preference on Package?

Thank you, I will be in touch asap (please check your junk if you haven't heard from me within 24 hours)


Am I too unfit to have a Coach?

Definitely not! We will meet you where you are and start there, we work with people of all ages, abilities and weights and the workouts will be designed specifically to your level.

Will you put me on a strict diet/stop me drinking?

NEVER! Team Lift is all about taking a realistic approach, we teach you how to enjoy all foods in moderation, nothing is off limits - infact I eat chocolate everyday!  

Will it be too hard/unenjoyable?

No! We are all about enjoyment and believe the only way to stay consistent is if you actually enjoy what you are doing. One of the main principles of fitness is that of overload ie the body has to be subjected to stress of a slightly higher level than it is used to, in order for it to adapt to this new level and therefore improve fitness. However, because all of the workouts are individually designed, they will be aimed at your own ability and will start off at a level you are comfortable with and from which you can safely progress.

What If I fail?

We work with lots of women who have tried every diet under the sun so i understand you are apprehensive, we aim to get to know you as a person and make it realistic to your life, making it impossible to fail. We understand that life can sometimes get in the way, but we will always work with you and adjust where needed. Everything you failed at before, was probably completely un realistic to your lifestyle - this is different! 

What if I can't afford it?

I get it, we aren't the cheapest coaches, but chances our cheaper options haven't got you very far.  We truly believe in the quality of our coaching and know the value you will get from your time with us, this is much more than the monthly cost. We cater for different budgets with our cheapest option working out at just £29 a week, where do you currently spend £29 a week that isn't getting you any closer to your goals? Your health is an investment, not an expense & you will benefit in so many other areas of your life. 

Do I need to be a member of a gym?

No, everything is personal to you, we have ladies that work out at home with no equipment if needed! 

Do you work with busy people who have no time?

Yes, i would say this is 90% of our client base! We have mums who are the heart of their families, ladies who travel the world for work, the list goes on, we help you find a way to put yourself first occasionally, by making it as realistic to your life as possible. 

I am very social and have lots on, is it still ok to join?

Yes! We want to make it as realistic to your life as possible so you can keep it up beyond coaching/long term. If social events and meals out are very much part of your lifestyle then we want to help you have a better balance and enjoy these occasions whilst still seeing results & without dread!

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