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Frequently asked questions

Am I too unfit to have a Coach/Trainer?

Definitely not! The whole idea of a Personal Trainer is to reach your own individual and specific fitness goals. People of all ages, abilities and weights have Personal Trainers and the workouts will be designed specifically to your level.

Will you put me on a strict diet/stop me drinking?

NEVER! LIFT is all about living a sustainable lifestyle that's enjoyable but healthy and manageable. No food is off limits and nutrition plans will be built with preferences in mind.

Will it be too hard/unenjoyable?

No! We are all about enjoyment and believe the only way to stay consistent is if you actually enjoy what you are doing. One of the main principles of fitness is that of overload ie the body has to be subjected to stress of a slightly higher level than it is used to, in order for it to adapt to this new level and therefore improve fitness. However, because all of the workouts are individually designed, they will be aimed at your own ability and will start off at a level you are comfortable with and from which you can safely progress.

How can I contact you to enquire?


Instagram: lucy_teamlift 

Face to Face
How does Online Coaching differ from free workouts I can find online?

Online Coaching is personal to YOU! To see the results YOU want, your training and nutrition has to be tailored to your goals. Alongside this you have a second pair of eyes and accountability every step of the way. Anything you can find online for free is generalised and won't help you achieve YOUR desired outcome. If you are reading this, it probably hasn’t worked so far!

How will I know if I am doing an exercise correctly, if my coach is Online?

The app provides video demonstration for all of your planned exercises and you will have access to unlimited form checks by me, by video. If something isn’t right or you aren’t feeling the desired muscle group working, just send me a video and I can guide you from there.

Would I have the same level of accountability and motivation with an Online Coach?

YES! In fact, there is a greater level of accountability, as we will track everything you are doing via the app. You are accountable and motivated on an ongoing basis, rather than in that 1 hour session per week!

I don’t have the confidence to workout alone, is Online Coaching for me?

We are a team, working towards the same goal. Confidence is something we can work on together, and will come with time. If you don’t feel comfortable working out in a gym, I can base your workouts on equipment you have in the comfort of your own home. If you did still feel as though you would benefit from somebody being there in person, you may find that you would perhaps further benefit from my face-to-face services.

Do you offer Face to Face sessions for Online Clients?

Yes, I know some people can’t commit to seeing a trainer face to face once a week, but may feel they would benefit from the odd 121 session. I offer Online Clients an option to pay as you go for face to face sessions at a cost of £20 per session and I will happily travel to anywhere within 10 Miles of Newbury Berkshire, or you can come to me.

Would Online Coaching be just as beneficial as visiting a more typical PT?

100%! Online Coaching provides a full package so you know what you are doing for the whole month, this means every step you take gets you one step closer to your goal. Quite often Face to Face personal trainers are there for one hour a week and you are left wondering what you might do outside of that session. Whereas with Online, I’m your pocket Personal Trainer, available at the click of a button.

Are you there on video during my workouts?

No, your workouts will be planned and scheduled for you, and available via the app. This means you can carry out the workout anytime and anywhere you like. I will be available on Messenger via the app on an ongoing basis whether that's before, during or after your workout.

Is all our communication through messenger?

Your day-to-day questions and weekly check-in’s will be done through Messenger. You will also see me for a video call in the Weekly Team Workshops.I know sometimes we can all need reassurance on the phone or via a video call – if this is the case for you, then you only need to ask.

Do I need any equipment?

I can tailor your Training Plan around the equipment you have available whether that be at a gym or at home and will recommend further equipment you may wish to purchase outside of our sessions if needed.

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