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Meet your Coaches

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Lucy - Head Coach & Founder

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 Hello, I'm Lucy - The person who is going to help you to achieve your goals. I know you're probably thinking right now ‘Is this coach the right fit for me?’, so let me help you decide...

First things first - I love a glass of Prosecco in a fancy pub, anything dairy milk/cadbury related and travelling to new places (mainly hot places where i can lay horizontal)!!! Over time I have learned that I can enjoy all of those things and still live in a body that is mentally and physically fit and healthy.

My fitness journey properly began back in 2017. To change up the typical story, I didn’t join a gym to lose weight, in fact fitness wasn’t something I ever had an interest in growing up. I was the girl at school who tried to get out of PE by asking my mum to write me a note. I joined the gym as an escape. I had just come out of a really bad break up which at the time felt like the end of the world, and I needed a hobby to distract myself.

Over time my heart healed, and my body began to change. I found myself becoming fitter and stronger, not just physically, but mentally as well, and my confidence began to grow, from using small dumbells in the gym to entering marathons & Crossfit competitions. Little by little fitness uplifted my whole life

Back in 2019, I took the first steps towards leaving my corporate life behind and pursuing a career that fulfilled my desire to make a difference to people's lives. Since qualifying as a Personal Trainer, I have gained several other qualifications such as Pre and Post Natal Fitness, Mental Health Awareness and Group Training. I have since used all of this knowledge to inspire and uplift the lives of those who need it  most in the most realistic way possible. 


My passion is to educate you and support you to transform your life long term - I am not about a quick fix or another failed diet! I want to show women that fat loss can be done in a way thats realistic to your life, alot can be changed with some small daily habits and you can achieve things you never thought you'd be capable of! 


 My aim is to humanise the female fitness industry and I’d love to take you with me on that journey.

Laura Tomlinson - Team Lift Coach


Hey I am Laura - lets start by getting to know me a little, I love a weekend glass of wine (or a few), all Italian food especially truffle pasta and I am obsessed with self development, learning and banging on about menstrual cycles. I love living a lifestyle of balance and this is exactly what I bring to my coaching. I want all my clients to feel able to enjoy the journey while also getting results!


I’m a mum of two children (Lara & Ryan) my journey into health and fitness really started with them and they continue to be a driving force in me wanting to continue my lifestyle.

After the birth of Lara I was my most unfit and uncomfortable in my body! I found online fitness and although it wasn't love at first workout, I kept at it and started to find the style of workouts I loved (weights). I also love pilates, yoga and dabble with a bit of running (I have signed up for 2024 London Marathon)

Over the years I have struggled with my mental health and exercise has become such a big part of keeping me mentally strong, that alongside mindset work has helped me through so many moments!


After seeing how exercise and diet changed my life I decided I wanted to help others do the same so I trained to become a personal trainer and since have also qualified in pre and post natal fitness, exercise to music and as an advanced Hatton boxing instructor. As a coach I have spent the last three years coaching women online, providing check-ins and delivering hundreds of live classes. I've loved my time doing this but now want to work even more closely with clients tailoring programmes and working 1-1 to achieve the best results!


When it comes to coaching with me I want to offer you a space to be heard and seen, to be able to achieve everything you want without feeling starving or exhausted. I believe in making this journey one can enjoy and although I'm happy to give you a friendly kick up the backside when needed I promise to always create my plans and offer advice with your needs and wants first! As your coach I want to teach you, help you understand the “Whys” behind the methods and give you the tools so you won't always need a coach and live a life of long term results! My passion is helping women feel confident and see just how enough they are.


My aim is to help all of my clients leave my coaching with the knowledge, power and confidence they deserve!


Katie Grasby - Team Lift Coach

Hi! I’m Katie, I’m a working mum of two boys (Toby and Ben) who loves a glass of red, truffle fries & a good bit of steak!!

My story with health and fitness began in my late 20s (I was the LEAST sporty/active person before then!) & 10 years ago decided to retrain as a PT whilst I was on maternity leave with my youngest son after becoming fairly disillusioned with my career at Clarins, where I’d worked for 13 years previously. I’ve since gained my pre and post natal and spinning instructor certificate as well as qualifying as a BTN Nutritionist.

Over the last 10 years, I have worked with a lot of clients (mainly women) helping them navigate their individual health and fitness goals. 
Being a self employed woman in my 40s (and having to deal with a teenager 😱) I recognise that not only is ‘time for you’ a scarce commodity, but we’re also entering new territory of peri menopause/menopause, which may be a rollercoaster ride of both physical and mental changes, on top of everything else!

I feel extremely passionate about working with other women who may be struggling with these issues, helping them to implement new, healthy habits, behaviours and lifestyle changes (as opposed to fad diets and quick fixes) to get results that are sustainable and can really improve their quality of life.

My aim is to show women that just because you are 40+ is doesn't mean you can't, there are alot of changes going on in life at this time & we can often put ourselves at the end of our to do list! I will show you how to be brave, focused and recognise your self worth!

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