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If you need more confidence when it comes to Calorie Counting & want to accelerate your fat loss results...

Invest in my CALORIE & MACRO COUNTING MASTERCLASS at an early bird price of £24.99! 

This is perfect for you if:

  • You need advice & support from an expert (thats me!) on how to work out your calories & lose fat in a way that doesn’t feel restrictive.

  • You are open to Calorie & Macro counting, but have no idea where to start, if you are eating the right amounts or balance of foods.

  • You’ve looked at Calories, but have no idea about Macros or where to even start with protein.

  • You are inconsistent with tracking weekends & need flexibility to lose fat around social events without having to start again Monday!

  • You need a refresh to get back on track after a letting some good habits slip through winter

  • You need some inspiration for meal ideas to get you going!

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Here's what you said last time i ran this...

Just the refresher i needed after years of tracking, thank you, I feel so much more confident to calorie count alone now!

The info on eating out was so helpful - I’d always not even attempt it & know this is where i've gone wrong

hearing you say ‘track everything that goes in your mouth’ really made me think - realised I wasn’t tracking milk & tea etc!

this has definately given me motivation to be stronger with myself and not just thinking - oh ive done a workout, it’ll be fine 😂

Gain instant Access to your inbox now! 

Early bird Rate of £24.99! 

Thanks for ordering - Check your inbox for access!

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