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'Having Lucy as my coach the last 10 months has been the best! Such a game changer and more beneficial than I could have hoped for. I had reached a point where I found myself needing extra guidance and support to help reach my goals. I didn't realise how much I needed that support and expert knowledge that Lucy gives until I got it! With Lucys help I have had great success losing fat, I am the strongest, fittest and most confidant I have ever been in my life. I know longer turn to food in times of comfort or boredom. The list of things that Lucy has helped me overcome is endless. 

Lucy makes the plan enjoyable, realistic, achievable and sustainable. Its a lifestyle not a quick fix and when you truly understand and believe that truth you start to create a healthy balanced lifestyle that you love to live' 


The journey begins! We have an initial phone consultation around your history, current lifestyle and goals that will enable me to build a Nutrition and Training Plan, specifically for you.


Howdoes it work?

Whats included?

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Consultation video

or phone call

A consultation form will be sent out to you and followed up with a call or video-chat before we get you started.

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Personalised training

All logged on the app, your plan is completely tailored to your goals and ability. You won’t have to do any of the thinking! Video demos included.

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Full Nutritional Support and Guidance. Calories and macros are all calculated specific to your goals, alongside monthly recipe ideas and example meal plans.

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weekly online

check in

To monitor your progress and ensure goals are being met, complete with questions, measurements and photos. Adjustments will be made to your plan according to feedback.

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recipe book

To keep your meals interesting you will receive 30 new meal ideas across breakfast, lunch and dinner every month.

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I’m there to answer all of your questions quickly and effectively, via a messenger 7 days a week. You have the opportunity to book a call with me every 4 weeks for a review.

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form checks

I’ll guide your form to ensure that exercises are being performed safely and correctly, analysing all your videos sent to me via the app.

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a revised Bi-Monthly

We will have an end of cycle consultation  and you will receive a new program every 8 weeks, realigned with your goals and in accordance with your progress. 

weekly online
live chats

Held by myself or external professional’s on all things Positivity, Mindset and Lifestyle. 


support group

Join our online community of likeminded females, supporting one another in their own journeys with Lift.

How much does it cost?


£199 per month

That works out just over £49 a week, less that your average meal out or takeaway! 

Payments come out every 4 weeks. 

*8 week minimum commitment*

What is the next step?

If you have any further questions please check our FAQs page here


or you can contact me directly on whats app by clicking here or filling in the form below.

Please note I only take on a small number of 1-1 clients to keep my service high quality and personal.

What is your main goal?

What are your biggest struggles right now?

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