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Lift December Challenge

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What can you expect?

Lift December Challenge is a 7 day challenge starting on the 5th December 2022, it is designed to help you feel better in yourself throughout December. This is for you if you struggle with that all or nothing mode during the festive season due to lots of social events or delicious food.

The challenge is designed to keep you accountable and show you that despite everything you may have going on, there are still elements of a healthy lifestyle that you CAN control and we don't have to hit self destruct just because 'its christmas'. 

By the end of the 7 days you can expect to feel better within yourself mentally and physically, gained momentum with some healthy habits you can continue into January and experience a sneak peak of some of things you can expect from coaching/working with me. 


*This is not for you if you are looking for a quick fix and fat loss results in 7 days*

Whats included?

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3 Daily Habits 

I believe you can feel better physically and mentally with just 3 daily habits, these will be set/scheduled on sign up via the app and will be available for you to tick off daily.

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5 masterclasses

To hit those habits, you will need support, thats where I come in. I will deliver 5 days worth of short podcasts that will focus on delivering daily tips and tricks to be best the best version of you.

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Access to Recipes, workshops & Resources

For one week only you will have access to the LIFT members portal, here there are 100s of resources such as previous workshops. recipe books. restaurant guides to support your goals.

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Support and Community

The LIFT community is the best. You will have access to a facebook group to share your wins/ideas with others and benefit from several brains not just mine! 

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End of Week Check In with me

Coaching is all about accountability, this is why I will ask you to check in with me at the end of the week to keep you on track for your goals. This is also opportunity to get help from an expert so you can keep it up moving forward. 

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Optional Workouts

Workouts during the week are optional, however I will provide some examples for those of you who want to add them in to your schedule on top of your daily habits.

What is the next step?

The challenge is completely free of charge and starts on the 5th December 2022... if you complete it, you will be entered into a prize draw to win a free months worth of coaching starting on 9th January 2023! 

Sign ups close at 5pm on the 1st December 2022

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