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The Up-Lift Program-

Step into Summer

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Are you fed up of trying & failing at losing weight? Maybe you are struggling to stay consistent, dont know where you are going wrong or feel completely overwhelmed with where to start or what to do?

We want to give you some structure & direction, hold you accountable & help you start to feel better physically and mentally in the next 6 weeks...

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Heres what last intake said.... 

'Thank you so much Lucy & Laura, I definitely feel a shift in my mindset around food which was the biggest thing for me. I’ve lost weight, I feel less bloated and sluggish and I’m going into the festive period feeling better - thank you girls' - Sarah, Uplift 2023 

'I have been so focused the last 6 weeks, i don't believe my weight loss journey would have continued without this & I am going into Christmas lighter and stronger - can't wait to get going now with 1:1 coaching!' - Jane, Uplift 2023 

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Perfect program to get me back in the swing post baby, thank you! - Becky, Uplift 2023

How can we help you too?


The Up-LIFT Program is a one off 6 week challenge designed to get you on the road to feeling physically & mentally better in yourself again, we want you to feel confident for those Summer family plans, G&T's in pub gardens and holiday dresses! 

This is for you if you have struggled with losing fat so far this year & need a reset/motivation to get back to it or need some guidance and focus on where to actually start with your goals to lose weight.


We want to help you go into the brighter & lighter months feeling confident & happier!

Our 6 week process is designed to keep you accountable and show you a realistic way to lose fat, that doesn't involve complete overwhelm, HIIT workouts 5 times a week or drinking shakes whilst your family tuck into lasagna! 

By the end of the 6 weeks you can expect to:

  • feel better within yourself mentally and physically, with confidence to continue your journey long term.

  • learned eater better, reduce the snacking and get a better balance with food WITHOUT sacrificing chocolate, starchy carbs or alcohol. 

  • gained structure & routine with exercise giving you more energy & motivation 

  • gained momentum with fundamental healthy habits you can continue around your Summer social plans and beyond!

  • all whilst experiencing a sneak peak of some of things you can expect from 1-1 coaching with Team Lift. 


*This is not for you if you are looking for a quick fix fat loss transformation*

Whats included?

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Accountability check Ins 

What most people are lacking when it comes to their fitness journeys is accountability, this is why we will ask you to check in with your coach on week 3 & 6 of the program, this is to have someone in your corner and help you with struggles that often lead to giving up if you were doing this alone. 

We will allocate you a coach, provide personal voice note feedback, alongside keeping you accountable/answer any questions you have on our whats group in between check ins!

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Personal Nutrition Support

If you someone who finds yourself head first in the snack cupboard when you get home from work, overdoing it on night outs & dread upcoming holidays because you have no idea what to wear and we are going to help you achieve a better balance this year!


We will give you personal & realistic calorie & maco targets, that still allow you to enjoy your favourite foods WITHOUT feeling bloated, guilty or sluggish the next day. 

We will also show you that one bad day doesn't need to lead to a bad week. 

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Training Program

During the first half of the year we tend to struggle with motivation, we want to help you take back control & bring yourself some structure/routine. This is why we will set you 3-4 workouts a week. (gym & home options available). 


These will guarantee an increase in strength and fitness levels without you having to think of a single exercise and will be set up and laid out for you in the Trainerize app to keep you accountable and give you something easy to follow & tick off. 

Plus EXTRAS... 

Educational Masterclasses

We believe to change your lifestyle, you need to know WHY we are doing things. This is why we will be offering  educational masterclasses on throughout the program to help you with making the most out of your nutrition & improving your mindset.


We don't want this to be another 6 weeks thing you sign up to and don't stick too, we want this time to be different, which is why we will be offering a Team consistency challenge throughout the program where you can earn points & prizes for ticking things off. *1 months free 1-1 coaching up for grabs at the end*

Support &

We believe on a fitness journey, its important to be surrounded by likeminded people and have support from those with similar goals and struggles. We will provide a space to share wins, meal ideas and struggles to help each other along the way. 

Lifestyle Habits 

Motivated by a habit streak? Or like having something to tick off daily?
We've got you! You can feel better without drastic change and some simple habits, these will be set/scheduled on sign up via the app and will be available for you to tick off daily for motivation & achievable targets

What is theInvestment & Next Steps?

We don't run this program all year round, so spaces are limited - last time 75% of them went in two days so we recommend taking action quickly...

To secure your space we will need two things:

1. Make your one off payment of £114


2. Get yourself ready to start on the 10th June (ending on the 21st July)...

Sign ups close at 10pm on the 7th June!

And if you have any further questions pop me a message over on instagram - @lucy_teamlift, I am always happy to chat furthur ☺️


Do I need a gym membership?

No, we have Home & Gym options available. 

Will you put me on a strict diet/stop me drinking?

NEVER! Team Lift is all about taking a realistic approach, we teach you how to enjoy all foods in moderation, nothing is off limits - infact I eat chocolate everyday!  

I am away for the first week, is it ok to join late?

Of course, we had several ladies join us a little later last time & still got great results! You will have access to everything from Day 1, but can start using it as you please

I am very social and have lots on, is it still ok to join?

Yes! We want to make it as realistic to your life as possible so you can keep it up beyond coaching/long term. If social events and meals out are very much part of your lifestyle then we want to help you have a better balance and enjoy these occasions whilst still seeing results & without dread!


This program is managed in a group capacity, although check in feedback is personal. We recommend checking our 1-1 Option if you need more personal/specific support or you don't enjoy being apart of a group, you can look at that here!

What if I can't afford it?

We truly believe in the quality of our coaching and know the value you will get from your time with us, this is much more than the monthly cost. This option works out at £19 a week, where do you currently spend £19 a week that isn't getting you any closer to your goals? Your health is an investment, not an expense & you will benefit in so many other areas of your life. 

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