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How can we help you?

The Up-LIFT Program is a one off 6 week challenge designed to help you feel better in yourself physically & mentally this winter, this is for you if you struggle with that all or nothing mentality during the festive season due to lots of social events or delicious food and want to avoid going into January with motivation at an all time low, feeling sluggish and the need to 'start again'. 

The Up-LIFT challenge is designed to keep you accountable and show you that despite everything you may have going on, there are still elements of a healthy lifestyle that you CAN control and we don't have to hit self destruct just because 'its christmas'. 

By the end of the 6 weeks you can expect to:

  • feel better within yourself mentally and physically with a better balance over the christmas period than ever before

  • learned how to enjoy your food in a realistic way WITHOUT sacrificing baileys hot choc's or mince pies.

  • gained structure & routine with exercise giving you more energy & motivation 

  • gained momentum with some healthy habits you can continue into January

  • all whilst experiencing a sneak peak of some of things you can expect from 1-1 coaching with Team Lift. 


*This is not for you if you are looking for a quick fix fat loss transformation*

2023-06-21 Lift by Lucy

Whats included?

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Accountability check Ins 

What most people are lacking when it comes to their fitness journeys is accountability, this is why we will ask you to check in with your coach on week 3 & 6 of the program, this is to have someone in your corner and help you with struggles that often lead to giving up if you were doing this alone. 

We will provide personal feedback, alongside hosting a group zoom on these weeks to answer any questions you may have in more detail.

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Training Program

During winter we tend to struggle with motivation all whilst lacking structure and routine. This is why we will set you 3 workouts a week (2 programmed & 1 Lift live)

(gym, home & bodyweight options available). 


These will guarantee an increase in strength and fitness levels without you having to think of a single exercise and will be set up and laid out for you in the Trainerize app to keep you accountable and give you something easy to follow & tick off. 

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Personal Nutrition Support

If you someone who finds yourself head first in the roses tin or getting carried away on work night outs & gets to christmas already feeling bloated and full awaiting january, we are going to help you achieve a better balance this winter.


We will give you personal & realistic nutrition targets (calories and macros if you wish) that still allow you to enjoy the festive period WITHOUT feeling bloated, guilty or sluggish the next day. 

We will also show you that one bad day doesn't need to lead to a bad week. 

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Educational Masterclasses

We believe to change your lifestyle, you need to know WHY we are doing things. 
This is why we will be offering 2 educational masterclasses on Week 2 & 4 of the program to help you with things like eating out, managing christmas food and motivation with exercise in the winter months.

These are going to keep you going on the weeks between check ins. 

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Mindset & Exercise Challenges 

For us mental health is just as important as physical, winter can often bring low mood for some which is why will set daily gratitude tasks and weekly challenges which can be done in your own time & pace and help make the process a fun and enjoyable experience.

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Support and Community

We believe on a fitness journey, its important to be surrounded by likeminded people and have support from those with similar goals and struggles. We will provide a space to share wins, ideas and struggles to help each other along the way. 

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Healthy Lifestyle Habits 

Motivated by a habit streak? Or like having something to tick off daily?
We've got you! You can feel better without drastic change and some simple habits, these will be set/scheduled on sign up via the app and will be available for you to tick off daily for motivation & achievable targets

What is theInvestment & Next Steps?

We are LIMITED ON SPACES & judging by all our previous launches they are going to go quickly, esepcially because this is a BRAND NEW LIMITED EDITION PROGRAM packed with value so don't be sitting on the fence and take action before your comfort zone gets the better of you...

We will require a one off payment of £99 (this works out at just £16.50 a week!!) 


and you need to be ready to start on the 6th November (ending on the 17th December 2023)...

Sign ups close at 5pm on the 1st November 2023 (if they aren't already filled)

You can reserve your spot now for just £10 by clicking HERE!!

(remaining is due by 1st November 2023)

or GO ALL IN & Pay in full here or here! 

And if you have any further questions pop us a message over on instagram - @lucy_teamlift or @laura_teamlift over on Instagram, we are always happy to chat furthur ☺️

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